It discovers Magical Threads in Beauty & CO

It discovers Magical Threads in Beauty & CO

What are the Magical Threads or Tensile Threads?

The Magical Threads serveto rejuvenate and to reaffirm the skin of the face and neck with flaccidityfrom the interior without surgery, anesthesia and with lasting results.
The magical threads or tensile threads ofpolidioxanonaor PDO are some fine fibers that are introduced under the skin to obtain to a regenerative effect lifting.
  1. The Magical or Tensile Threads form a structure of support for weaves with flaccidity.
  2. The magical Threads stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reason why the redensifica skin.

What is polidioxanona or PDO?

Polidioxanona or PDO is a material used frequently in the sutures of cardiac surgery, since power the cohesion of the cells.This material is totallycompatible, reabsorbible and sterile.
In the subcutaneous level, polidioxanona around generates a fibrosis or reparative process to his, which triggers the production of new elastic fibers of collagen and elastin.

Which are the therapeutic effects of tensile threads?

  • Cutaneous Redensificación: The magical threads stimulate the fibrocitos, that produce collagen and elastin. These fibers increase to the elasticity and the density of weaves.
  • Prevention: The revitalisation of weaves slows down the advance of the aging and the flaccidity.
  • Firmness(effect lifting):New collagen and elastin act as a network of support for the skin, reason why the flaccidity falls and the skin recovers firmness.
  • Smoothness and luminosity:The magical threads also stimulate the microcirculation of the zone, reason why the skin more is oxygenated, polishes and luminous.

Positioning of Tensile Threads

  1. First of all, the doctor realises a meticulous study of the areas of the face to try. He realises a design of the zones that must be tightened and them brand accurately. Each case is different and will need a particular valuation that adapts to its needs.
  2. After cleaning the skin, local anesthesia is applied so that the treatment is completely painless.
  3. Each thread infiltrates at subcutaneous level guiding it with a fine needle. After placing the thread in the wished location, the needle retires with a small rotation.
  4. The fine diameter and grinding allow to use needles of smaller caliber, were the treatment a procedure less traumatic than the positioning of other thread types.
  5. The necessary number of threads will depend on the conditions of the skin of the patient and the points that is necessary to try.

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