Taken care of for a perfect skin in summer

Taken care of for a perfect skin in summer

Cleaning in depth: It chooses the cleaning product that adapts your type leather: fat, sensible, dry or mixed. One of products star that serves to clean you the face to any hour of the day and comfortable form is the water to micelar, auqe in addition refreshes. The cleaning not only is realised when we removed makeup. It is recommended to clean the skin, first thing in the morning and before going to us to sleep.

To tone:After cleaning we needed to refresh, to calm and to tone the skin of the face. For the majority of the skins the tonic use is recommendedwithoutalcohol,although they are refreshinger, can alter lipids of the skin. Whereas inthe skins with tendency to be smeared with grease, the tonic use with alcohol helps to regulate the excess of fat.In case you have the very sensible skin, you can instead of put you tonic after each cleaning, to exfoliar you the skin once to the week to obtain a perfect skin.

Exfoliar: the skin must be exfoliar minimum once to the week to eliminate dead cells and black points. If you have the sensible skin is recommended once, whereas ifyour skin is mixed or greasy, twice for week. Exfolia also the bodyat the time of summer to eliminate the dead cells and to leave our skin regenerates with a special efoliante for body.

Vitamin C:in summer,the vitamin blisters Cto give to more luminosity and flexibility to the skinmust be applied at night. If we put them first thing to us in the morning and later we are going to take the sun we could stain the skin. You can try with infiltrated vitamins that are more effective and work right away with our treatment stars Silky Skin.

Hydration in depth:The cream hydrant helpsto regenerate the perfect skin. The cosmetic must penetrate in the skin, and if the skin is full of impurities, it cannot do it. The skin must be hydrated first thing and during the night,the amount of cream that we must use depends on the type leather and the needs that we have. Your ideal cream based on your age and type chooses leather so that she is effective.

It protects the skin:Many of the changes that experiment are related to the exhibition to the sun. The UVA rays cause damages in the skin, premature spots and wrinkles.To take the sun without using solar protection increases the possibilities of suffering a cutaneous cancer. We must use a protector to protect themselves totally of rays of the sun and to be applied it several times to the day.