Correction of ears of small puff with Otoplastia

Correction of ears of small puff with Otoplastia
What is otoplastia?

The surgery in the ears (otoplastia) is one of the operations of aesthetic surgery that is realised more in the children, even with percentage greater than the realised ones in adults.

Its purpose usually is in the majority of the cases aesthetic: to relocate the ears that are located of very sharp form towards the outside of the head, thus excelling more of the normal thing, to correctthe size of the ears if he is very bulky, or if they present some strangeform that could be corrected with the operation.

This surgery, usually is realised in smaller children of 15 years if the parents and the boy agree, either to wait for to an age outpost. The ears usually stop growing and therefore finishing their development between the 4 and 5 years.It is important that the boy (or the adolescent) comprises of all the process and that is not an unilateral decision, and their parents consider their opinion and they explain the result to him of the intervention so that he can decide by itself.

Of what the intervention consists?

During the intervention, if the patient is a small boy, general anesthesia will be used, if an adolescent or an adult is, the normal thing is to use local anesthesia, in order that the zone who is going away to try is under the effects of the same.
The average duration of the intervention varies between the 2-4 hours following the patient and the case to try.

The surgery is realised by means of an incision in the later zone of the ear, so that it is ableto accede to the cartilage with the purpose of to carve it, to eliminate a part, or simply to place again in its suitable position. If the surgeon considers it opportune, he can give some internal points to try to correct the form and that their position is optimal. This is the used technique more, although each patient and each case, require a previous study to consider if she is adapted. Its main advantage is that the scar is located in a zone that is not visible at first.

Usually they operate the two ears with the purpose of to avoid an asymmetry after the operation and that the results are most natural possible, although there are occasions in which is not necessary itself one presents asymmetry.

Post-operative recovery and

The advantage of otoplastia is to be able to realisea fast recovery after the operation and power to reincorporate itself to the habitual routine. The patient usually is hours well after the operation and rarely the clinic enter is necessary.
If the patient is a small boy, she will stay under medical examination while the effects of the general anesthesia last and it recovers completely of the same to avoid complications. In one week it will be able to return to his scholastic activities.
The normal thing is that after the operation somepains exist, but totally bearable.

In the majority of cases bandage is used after the operation, which watches that the ears hold their new position at the same time as is avoided that enters in touch with some element that harms the recovery. This bandage will change by lighter and bearable other to the few days.

Otoplastia with Beauty & Co

Before being put under an operation of otoplastia, our expert surgeons will analyze if the problem is the morphology of the ear, if we also have some prominent ears or calls “small puff ears” or if it is microtia. In order to do an idea to us of the awaited results we must be put under a customized study.

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