How to take care of the skin after a surgery of chest

How to take care of the skin after a surgery of chest
The striae are very common in the women, mainly in zones as abdomen, glutei and chests. Usually they appear after a changeof abrupt weight, during the pregnancy or in agreement they are spending the years. As always the appearance of the striae to abrupt changesof weight has been associatedor volume, many women ask themselves if after being put underan increase of chest, they will appear striae in the zone of the breasts:
The answeris that it will depend than we take care of the skin after putting under usa surgery of chest.

After being put under a surgery of chest, or an increase, a reduction or an elevation, the skin of the zone of the chest needs some well-taken care of specialto favor the healing and a correct recovery. These cares are incian afterthe retirement of the points or when the points have been reabsorbido completely, following the type of suture used during the operation, and he will be the surgeon who us of the necessary incicaciones.

It is good for applyinghidratantes products,in cream or gel, the zone of the breasts andfor massaging the zone with circular motions well to guarantee a correct absorption of the product. Also he is very recommendable to applymosqueta pink oil ofon the scar facilitating his healing and diminishing the aparariencia of the scar. IImportante to hope to that the suture has healed to avoid infections.

Independent of the special cares that you must have after an increase of chest, it is important thatyou become accustomed yourself to take care of the skin every day.Applying a moisturizer to you in all the body after showering you and essential oils, little by little, the skin shines more beautiful, polishesand brilliant.

We give these adviceyou to correctly take care of the skin after an increase of chest and, thus, to avoid the appearance of any stria, granite or imperfection in the skin.
  • You do not take the sun.It avoids that you of the sun in the scar, at least during the first year. Also he is recommendable that during the first six months you try that the sun gives you less possible in the zone of the chest. If you do not follow this recommendation and takings the sun after an operation of increase of chest, you can cause that the scar pigments and becomes more evident, something than it is not very aesthetic.
  • It drinks much water. Not only it is necessary to hydrate the skin by outside, but it is necessary to hydrate the body internally. Drinking two liters of water to the day you will be able to maintain a good level of internal hydration, something that will notice the state of your skin.
  • I know constant.The problem is that many women take care of in excess the zone of the chest after operating, but in agreement spend the days, she is forgotten to them. It is very important to be constant so that the results last more time.
  • Not to smoke neither the weeks previous to the operation, nor during the post-operative one, will help much to secure better results, since the tobacco is very bad for our skin.