Nutritional coach in Beauty & Co

Nutritional coach in Beauty & Co
“You are not single”. This he is the advice who LeoCerrud, of profession nutritional coach, wantsto give all patients. She affirms that she hasa gift that is to cause that people lose weight. Thus the interview for magazine DT began, and for that reason we want to summarize everything to you what Leo for which counted you perdísteis.

Within the services of Aesthetic Medicine-Surgery that we give in Beauty & Co, they emphasize those of nutritional Coaching, diets and nutrition. But, what is the nutritional coach? “The function of the dietician is as far as possible to take partin the nourishing partof life of the patient but without tyrannies norfalse expectations. And the function of the nutritional coach,is to make an exhaustivepursuit of those interventions”, according to words of Leo.

Coachingnutritional offers a new approach to us that teaches to us to surpass the challenge that presents the lack of adhesion with the nutritional plans. This innovating discipline concentrates in the person and it turns it into the protagonist of the process, fomenting self-management and teaching to adopt a positive attitude. It emphasizes in the importance of the conscience of one same one, the responsibility, the confidence and the motivation. These are the rules of the game that will help us to define our objectives, to improve our habits, to surpass our own resistance to the change, to make a valuation of our weak strength and, to control the excesses and, finally, to reframe our lifestyle of a permanent way.

On the other hand, a sport plan with exercises adapted in the style of life and tastes of the patient is as important as porpio nutritional plan. The diet helps to lose weight, but the sport tones muscles and improves in all the levels our cardiovascular health. The results are not simply physical, but at emotional level we experienced a significant improvement concerning self-esteem and of confidence in we ourself when we fulfilled our own challenges, without forgetting that the sport generates serotonin that provides happiness sensation to us.

For Leo Cerrud, the importance of the sport has a 60% relation dietand 40% to make exercise.“When you are able to exert certain control exceedswhat you eat and on the physical activity that you realiseyou feel well with same you for two reasonsvery different. First, because you arehandsome and healthy, and second because you discoverthat yes you can control your bad habits, thatyes you are able to take the reins of your nutritional lifeand physical activity. Both reasonsend at a same one: to improve atuoestima,the key of the felicicidad”.

One of the great dangers of the bad advising at the time of losing weight is the diets miracle since these are their risks:
  1. Effect I-I
  2. It causes some bad eating habits
  3. They bring about alterations in the organism, being detrimental for the health, as metabolic upheavals, cardiovascular alterations, dermatological alterations, et cetera.
  4. Weight at the expense of corporal proteins and of the percentage of fat is lost to a lesser extent.
  5. Alterations at neuropsíquico level asanxiety,insomnia, irritability…

“The diets miracle would have to be persecutedby law. Not only they are harmful at level health bythe side effects and imbalances thatcan cause but also that in the organismare ominous because they deducethe population and they seed of bad habits brings back to consciousnesscollective”, Leo thinks.

Therefore if you look for good professionals so that they study your case and they help to change you of habits and to improve your figure as much as your health, you do not doubt in putting to you with us in touch. It requests gratuitous appointment: 695 505 165/911 138 321