Within the Aesthetic Medicine the treatments of loss of weight always have been considered as most boring, barren and hostile. And this is thus with all the interventionist and thankless logic of the world since it is restrictive treatments, that they require of a great adhesion on the part of the patient and of much left hand on the part of the doctor. All we remembered, in the prehistory of the medicine and the dark times of the nutrition, when the endocrine one of turn (with pardon) gave to the patient a diet him of 1200 calories in a leaf thousand times photocopied, difficult to read and much more difficult to follow, putting the following appointment to him of control hopefully in A MONTH! Result: total defeat, irremediable abandonment and visceral rejection of the word “DIET”.

Just when or perhaps because the obesity has become a pandemic without no intention to improve, the Aesthetic Medicine inherits this condition/pathology/syndrome
And it deals with it a multidisciplinary way trying, not only to obtain that the patients lose weight taking part in deepest of their nutritional habits, but also trying to find out the causes and, coverall, being taught to maintain the new weight, the new habits and the new form to eat during the REST OF YOUR LIFE. More than an nourishing reeducation it is a redesign of the relation with the food that, in this type of patients, usually is toxic.

Definitively the things have changed, no longer deals to the obese patients as if they were guilty of his misfortune and infested gluttons, but human people with a condition, a pathology and a bad habit of chronic but modifiable character. No longer speech of ideal weight, but of Index of Masa Corporal. Or the appointments of control of weight are not monthly but now they are weekly obligatorily and, finally, it appears the figure of the NUTRITIONAL COACH, a species of dietician, psychologist, doctor, friend, accomplice, confessor and spiritual guide whose onlyfunction are to take of the hand by this universe diets to you and regimeswithout by the way you lose the sweetness of character, the nerves or the health. Challenge, motivation,I put… these are the words of the day to day of this professional of most novel,attractive and extremely strictly necessary.