Surgeries combined in Beauty & Co

Surgeries combined in Beauty & Co

To what we talked about with combined surgeries?

The combined surgeries are a set of processes in which aspects of the body or face of a person are corrected, but with the particularitity of which it becomes in a same session. Good results are obtained andit is avoided to duplicate the times of the postoperative one.
The rate of present life is frenetic and we have few vacation, for that reason when we thought about happening through operating room and we have in mind a pair of things we tried to join them to reduce the recovery times and to have to request less days at work.

It is necessary to say that following the surgeries they will be possible to be combined or no, and siempr will depend on the criterion of our surgeon.

  1. One goes once through the operating room
  2. The post operating is shorter when recovering of everything simultaneously
  3. The cost of anesthesia and operating room is smaller
  4. The days of absence are reduced at work


The recovery is more annoying when recovering of several zones simultaneously.

The election of the zones to try is based onnear surgical fields(face, body…), or in the association ofsurgeries of different zones, as long as the operations do not exceed the time limitof the operating room (in a healthy patient, three hours of surgery it does not suppose any risk, butfrom the 5 hour the risks are increased).

The other possibility is to group a more complex surgery with simpler other. In these circumstances, an increase of chest with a rhinoplasty can be unified (surgery that modifies the form and corrects the deviations of the nose); or an increase of chest and otoplastia (technical of surgery to correct the aspect and the deformity of the ears).

In our case we reduce costs when having operating rooms, the own rooms and premises. We are not tax exemptions, reason why we do not have to rent to the premises nor operating rooms, something that supposes a considerable increase of the final price of the surgeries.
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