The 3 aesthetic surgeries more demanded by the men in Spain

The 3 aesthetic surgeries more demanded by the men in Spain
1. It implants capillary: The baldness is one of the subjects that more make feel inferior physically the men, reason why it becomes one of the demanded aesthetic interventions more. Thanks to the techniques of hair implantología IT WAS and FUSS the results are spectacular in a few months. It is the only effective technique to solve the baldness completely. To the 5 months the changes are appraised, but the total result is to the year.

The post-operative one:the treated zone will be something inflamed during two days (what the labor loss lasts) and the scars will take two months in disappearing absolutely. Following the amount of hair that is needed to regenerate, the intervention to the three or four months can be repeated.Price: 3.800€

2.Rhinoplasty: the morphologic alteration of the nose is another one of the things that more psychological problems of self-esteem and cause in the men. To correct its form to obtain that she is more harmonic with the face completely only is possible with the Rhinoplasty: throughdifferent techniques the small horse can be eliminated, to narrow the base of the nose or to shorten its length,among others possibilities.

Post-operative: a day of hospitable entrance is needed generally, although also it is possible to be returned to house in the same day. During 7-10 days following the surgery rules that hold the partition, and the 3 first days will take corks in the nasal orifices. During this time rest is needed. The results are appraised to the few months, but they are definitive to the year that is when the inflammation has disappeared completely. Price: 1.500€ end/3.000€ completes.

3. Otoplastia:Many men resort to this simple intervention to avoid the effect “small puff ears”. The women when covering itself with the hair disguise this effect, but the men who take it short cannot. It is a simple intervention that usually is realised with local anesthesia and sedation.

Post-operative: one puts a bandage during about 5 days, that will only stay to sleep to avoid that the ears are folded during the healing. It is not a painful surgery and as soon as she is annoying. Price: 2.000 €

(The prices of these interventions are based on the present tariffs of Beauty & Co. Mantemos the lowest prices of the market using first brands and the maximum quality to democratise the beauty and that is reasonable to all the public.)