We can eliminate the cellulitis for always?

We can eliminate the cellulitis for always?

What is the cellulitis?

The cellulitis is a problem that affects to 90% of the women and 10% of the men.Between the 25 and 35 years it is when the cellulitis is in all their apogee, in some cases even before. This is due to estrogens, and how they influence in the blood vessels.

The women lie down to have cellulitis in knees, thighs, hips and abdomen because in these zones there are 3 fat layers that are the ideal refuge of the cellulitis and the certain thing is that the sedentary society in which we lived has much to do with the cellulitis, but also hormones.

Why do the women have more cellulitis than the men?

The answer is in collagen, the main protein of the connective weaves, that in the women is much more present. The loss of collagen as they spend the years makes of the cutaneous weave an excellent support forthe fat and the cellulitis.

Another one of the reasons that make the woman most susceptible to undergo cellulitisis the adrenergic receptors who stimulatethe greasy cellsand release sugar in the sanguineous torrent.

The body of a woman basically is designed to develop cellulitis. And every time we see younger women, even adolescent, who suffer this affection.

The main difference is in the care ofthe diet and the habits of life. The women who make sport, eat organic foods, they do not smoke and they move constantly always will have less cellulitis than those than little do not do anything or of the previous thing. The cellulitis was not a true problem until the 70, when the lifestyle related to the diet and the exercise began to change.

What paper plays the diet?

It is the basic pillar to maintain to ray the cellulitis. You need to eat of healthful form and to make exerciseto reduce the cellulitis, is a subject purely biochemist. An feeding that contains many sugars, saturated fats, gasesosas drinks will give rise to a greater probability of than the person accumulates cellulitis. To be sitting all day and to eat inadequate foods is the perfect formula not to mobilize the greasy deposits and to turn them into cellulitis.
A genetic component in the development of cellulitis exists. In spite of having that genetic component, she does not mean mainly that the person goes to develops it, if does the correct thing: healthy diet, exercise andto avoid articles that make difficult the correct circulation.

Work the anticelulíticas do creams?

The majority ofanticelulíticas creamsonly attacks the greasy deposits, for that reason it is fundamental to take care of the composition of the product and to request asesorameinto.

Those that contains caffein or L-Carnitine transform the fat into energy and contribute a the loss of fat. Although the best option is a cream that blocks the receivers alpha or adrenérgicos and avoiding that the greasy cell is developed and that stimulates the receivers beta, that will accelerate the loss of fat and will increase the speed at which the blood moves through the cells.

And the aesthetic treatments medical?

They are without a doubt most effectiveto eliminate the cellulitissince they act in the root problem:the collagen stimulation. A good and complete anticelulítico program must concentrate in firstreducing the greasy deposits(it is possible to be done froma Liposuctionin cases of great amounts of fat, to injectable asthe Aqualyx),to improve the sanguineouscirculation to oxygenate the skin in all levels (Presoterapia) and treatments that break in depth the fat deposits and reaffirm the skin (Exilis and X-Wave, shock waves, and mesoterapia).

Summarizing: if the cellulitis is your problem you must begin to change your habits of life: the healthful, most organic diet possible, moderate daily exercise and to eliminate habits as the tobacco, alcohol and articles that do not let to you breathe. You can complement with a good anticelulítica cream and secure very good results with aesthetic medicine treatment an exclusively focused infighting the cellulitis.


From Beauty & Co we can help to change to your habits of life and diet you with nutritional Coaching and specific diets, and to attack the cellulitis with the most advanced treatments to end her completely and to avoid that it appears again.

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