Calendar of special beauty for girlfriends

Calendar of special beauty for girlfriends
It is the day of your wedding: It is the most important day of your life, you will be the attention center, and in addition to choosing the best dress and other accessories, you must be radiating.
For it he is fundamental that you consider a series oftaken care of and treatments, face, as as much corporal, that you will have to begin inthe previous months to the date of your wedding so that they make effect. So that one does not escape to you no detail in your planning there are preparation a calendar of special beauty for brides.

1 year before: face diet, exercise, shaving laser and treatments

If you want to lose some kilo facing your wedding, it is importantto put to you in formand, better to do it in good time. The strict diets can have an effect bounces, in addition to being bad for your health. Ponte into the hands of a dietician andaccompanies your diet by exercise. In Beauty & Co we propose the nutritional Coaching, with adapted sessions of diet to your needs that will teach healthful habits to you to always follow.

If you have somespecific problem in the skin, for example, acne, is recommendable to initiate the sooner a treatment that helps you to fight it (peelings, laser, etc.). According to your age or type leather, we propose Botox, Acid tensile Hiaurónico or Silky to you Skin (face vitamins with hyaluronic acid, reafirmante mask and peeling doctor).

And if you want to get rid of the face hair or corporal it is the moment for beginning your treatment ofshaving by laser, so that you arrive at your wedding with several sessions that assure an important loss to you of the hair.

6 months before: corporal hairdressing salon and treatments

It is the moment for seeinghairdo optionsand for going to your hairdressing salon so that they recommend best products to you to take care of your hair and specific treatments (hair hydration, vitamins, peeling…), if you need them. In addition, if you are thinking abouta change of lookfor your wedding, you do not leave it for the last weeks. Now you have time to try and to rectify if it does not like you to avoid that the day arrives and you are not happy with the change.

On the other hand, if, in spite of the diet and the exercise, you want to improve some specific part of your body (chest, belly, to reduce cartridge holders, to tone arms…), it is the moment for putting under to youreducing, reafirmantes, anticelulíticos treatments corporal…

Exilis, shock waves or Mesoterapia are ideal to improve the quality of the skin, to reaffirm, to reduce and to eliminate the orange skin.
If you want to shine a perfect body the day of your wedding, between 6 and 8 months before we advised you that you are put under some combined corporal treatment.

In order to shine your better face the day of the wedding you must at home be strict withyour ritual of beauty: to remove makeup and every morning to clean to you to the face and the nights to you, to realise weekly exfoliations, to apply to you masks to you and to hydrate to you with suitable products for your skin more. But in addition it is a good moment to put under you some specific treatment that will make you shine still more:despigmentante if your problem is the spots; hidratante if you have the very dry skin;illuminatorif your skin is dull;anti-agingpara clearing the arruguitas and lines of expression very marked…

Another fundamental aspect for all girlfriend is itssmile. The happiest day of your life it will be immortalized in photos and videos, so if you want to have the most beautiful smile we recommended a dentalblanqueamiento to you in an suitable dental clinic.

2 months before: hair and make-up

It begins withthe tests of the hair and the make-up. Sometimes what we see in the photos can not seat to us well. Test and test, and you have left with which you feel more comfortable.

1 month before: eyebrows, feet and hands and corporal exfoliation

The eyebrows are one key part in your image, you do not neglect them! Give the most suitable form to your eyebrows, with the help of a professional, you do not try it single you to avoid unevennesses.

It pampers your feet and your hands with a treatment ofmanicure and pedicuristso that they are smooth and perfect the day of your wedding.
In addition we recommended a corporalexfoliation to youin a beauty center so that your skin is super smooth.

15 days before: face cleaning, relaxing massage and dye of eyelashes

Pass you through your center of beauty and you be done a face cleaning. Although you are constant with the cares in your house, will come brilliant a treatment to you in a center from beautyto eliminate the black points, to close the pores, and that your face shines radiating. The ideal is infiltrated vitamins, that will give a luminosity without precedents to your skin (in our center it is the treatment Silky Skin).

A relaxing massage, a circuit in spa, sauna…Dedicates a pair to you of hours, single, with your sister, your mother or a friend, your body and mainly your mind will thank for it to you.
If you are thinking about giving your glance a special brightness you can do a treatmentto you in the eyelashes: it tints or extensions of eyelashes to have a cinema glance.

1 week before the wedding: shaving, taken care of extra in hair and body

Whatever method of shaving, you do not leave it for the last day, is not going to be that it leaves an irritation to you… One week before is enough time to undo to you of the corporal and face hair.

So that your hairdo shines, in addition to be perfect, your hair it must be healthy, so it is useful to do a specifictreatment to you in your long hair(masks, queratinas, botox hair, etc.).

And also give him to an extra affection to the skin of your body with exfoliation and hydration.

The day before the wedding: enameling of nails and rest

It enamels your nails of feet and hands and rests everything what you can.To sleep 8 hoursis the best treatment of beauty for your skin. And you do not prove any cream nor new make-up to avoid irritations. Already these list to monopolize all the glances!