Botox to eliminate the houndstooth checks in Beauty & Co

Botox to eliminate the houndstooth checks in Beauty & Co
The houndstooth checks see more when gesturing, for example when laughing themselves or when squinting the eyes.
These wrinkles do not bring with himself health problems but they cause aesthetic problems. The houndstooth checks can be fought with several methods of surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Which are their causes?

  • Sun: parched the skin and causes wrinkles when falling collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • Genetic aging and factors
  • Tobacco: to gesture when smoking increases the wrinkles of the houndstooth checks, bar code and generates a diminution of collagen in the skin causing premature wrinkles.

Botox to end the Houndstooth checks

The botulinum toxin (bótox)allows to almost completely clear the wrinkles of the zone where the houndstooth checks are located. The application is a very fast process, only 30 minutes and after 72 hours you will be able to shine a face without wrinkles to the sides of the eyes.

The process for of ambulatory form and without anesthesia, and has not been taking place a radical change at the moment, reason why people will not notice the result of instantaneous form. The total results in two weeks are reached.

It lasts between 4-6 months following the patient. The Botox is the aesthetic medical treatment more demanded of the world by its multiple benefits and applications.


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