Benefits of peeling for the face

Benefits of peeling for the face
Peeling chemical consists of making an exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin with a chemical agent who acts in the layers of the epidermis generating an effect dominated to renew the died cells of the skin, eliminate small spots produced by the sun and face and corporal wrinkles.

Its great power of action can report some enormous benefits: in some days the skin is renewed, more luminous, smooth and hydrated. Also it presents a more healthful color and it uniforms.

Our SUMMER PEEL in addition includes inductive action of collagen, mask and creams of continuation. A complete treatment for a skin renewed and without spots after summer vacations.

  1. It improves the skin of any place where it is applied.
  2. Uniform coloration.
  3. Clean and smaller pores.
  4. The treatment lasts one hour less than.
  5. Painless.
  6. Ambulatory, without entrance.
  7. It can be realised at home in centers of aesthetic or.

Who are candidates to peeling doctor?

The candidates more adapted to be realised this treatment ofbeautyare thosepeople who want to eliminate spots in the skinproduced by the sun or the age,ugly pigmentationorto eliminate small sign wrinkles. Also,peeling chemical is indicated to eliminate open acne, scars, pores… This technique can throughout be used the year anywhere of the body.