Beauty & Co, a center of quality and first brands

Beauty & Co, a center of quality and first brands
The first question that becomes our patients when they see our prices is: “But they use quality products”
The answer is Yes, since our motto is “democratization of the beauty”, and that implies to be able to approach our treatments everybody with very competitive prices, using the best brands of the market for each doctor-aesthetic treatment.

Our commitment with the patient is to secure always to its satisfaction and confidence in us, for that reason we counted on the best medical equipment and the facilities more outposts: we count on operating rooms and own rooms, we are not tax exemption and therefore, we can save in rent of these external services and lower our prices without repelling it in the final client since they make other clinics.

The principial in any treatment is to open the product in front of the patient: it must be sealed and to show the brand, that soon will be registered in the file of the patient.

Hyaluronic acid: the product stars in face treatments anti aging

The Hyaluronic acidis a component of our skin, joints, bones and consists of a gel is transparent able to hydrate and to equip with elasticity to the body. Our body has very little hialurónico, tasn only 1.5 g, but it is possible to be made and to be injected in the skin to recoverthe VOLUME and the ELASTICITYthat the aged skin loses. As it is not a protein but a complex sugar, it cannot induce reactions allergic.

In the case of increase of lips with hyaluronic acid, or stuffed of wrinkles of the lip superior, the brands that we used are: Belotero, Glytone and Restyane:

The stuffed Belotero or of hyaluronic acid (IT HAS) helps to replace the volume in soft weaves of the face, being eliminated the superficial wrinkles, the fine lines and the wrinkles. This gel type also is used instead of you implant them forincrease of lipsand the increase of the cheek.Belotero is generating much of which to speak in the circles ofthe plastic surgerybecause he is very popular in Europe. In the EE.UU this testing on the security and effectiveness of this product.

Glytone de Merz Aesthetics is the new injectable product composed of hyaluronic acid that helps to recover the loss of elasticity of the skin and to correct wrinkles and furrows.After more than 230,000 treatments, and numerous clinical trials, it is a product highly surely and well tolerated that guarantees the confidence of doctors and patients. It has been developed by experts in dermatology applying the highest standards of quality and control of the pharmaceutical industry, with numerous clinical trials and test that guarantee their security and effectiveness. In this connection you can read an article on Glytone by Europe press.

Restylaneis one of more novel nonsurgical the injectable treatments face, designed to delay and to hide the effects of the aging. The injections of stuffed Restylaneare made with a transparent hyaluronic acid gel, that not only stuffed the lines and wrinkles of the face, but also hydrates and lubrica the skin, which offers a more youthful and smooth aspect him. We let this page to you to be able to obtain more data of this product.

Within each brand there are different types from fillings with densities different to be able to tackle each specific problem in each zone from the skin, and are our medical experts those that are in charge to use most suitable for each person and treatment.


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