In Beauty & CO we are expert in the positioning and extraction of the intragastric ball as well asin the pursuit of the loss of weight with the same. One is a restrictivetechnique of very habitual temporary aesthetic Medicine character. Six months with the ball aremore than sufficient to obtain a ponderal diminution of approximately 20 kilos.

But the really interesting thing of this treatment, in addition to the loss of weight, isthe possibility of realising a nutritional reeducation to the patient to try to change all orthe majority of the nutritional habits that have taken to him right where it is: In a clinic ofaesthetic requesting help to surpass its overweight. The ball does not become thin, the ball helpsto become thin.

The intragastric ball does not clear the hunger, the ball contributes immediate satiety. You want to know whatis? In Beauty& CO you we counted it everything. The ball does not cure the tendency to the overweighteither, if the patient insists on retaking the bad habits after retirement,irremediably the obesity will return. Einstein already shelp it: madness consists of repeating the sameacts hoping a different end.

In Beauty& CO we know that a patient with overweight has been inverted very many time,money, will and illusion. For that reason we tried that this ball, this diet and this time, arethe last and definitive attempts to surpass, to establish and to maintain the new weight and, by all means,the new lifestyle. Without changes there is no success.