Increase, elevation and definition of cheekbones with Radiesse in Beauty & Co

Increase, elevation and definition of cheekbones with Radiesse in Beauty & Co

Cheekbones defined in men and women, ideal of beauty

The new techniques of make-up denominated “contouring” concentrate much in marking this zone of the face and emphasizing it, and simultaneously to illuminate other strategically important points.

The aging affects of special form to this area. There is a certain bony resorption of the cheekbone with the age, relaxation of the skin and greasy atrophy. The cheekbone loses firmness and plane becomes. Are marked to the nasogeniano and pouch furrows of. The face adopts a sad and tired aspect.

Different techniquesexist to improve the aspect of the cheekbone. One of them will be indicated based on the volume that has the cheekbone, of if the bone little is developed or no, of the amount of existing fat in the face, of the age and aspect of the skin and the general form of the face oval.

In it is article we are going to you to concentrate in the techniques of replacement of volume with Radiesse, since to the being reabsorvibles substances they do not generate side effects as the fillings with you implant. The hyaluronic acid works very well for this technique.

Through the calcic hidroxiapatita Radiesse we fought the alterations produced by the loss of volume derived from the diminution of thickness of the skin weave of support. Of this form we recovered volume, firmness and we remodel the face oval actively (this last very important aspect since it visually ages the face as of the 40 – 45 years, as much in men as in women)

The Radiesse, commercial name of the calcic hidroxipatita, is component a present one in our organism, which causes that he is 100% biocompatible one and does not take associate any type of allergic reaction.

Why it serves?

  • It allows to recover the lost volume through time, of more outstanding form in the zone of the pouches, cheeks and the jaw.
  • Suitable to obtain an integral rejuvenation of the face.
  • It helps you to remodel the face oval through a greater collagen production.
  • Improvement of the elasticity and tone of the skin.
  • Instantaneous results

How it is applied?

The treatment withcalcic Hidroxipatita Radiesseis realised through injections with a fine needle, realised underneath the needle or the volume to fill up. Normally the filling results are visible of immediate form. For patients with high sensitivy the use of anesthetic is used before coming with the injections.

Very not very often endurecimiendo appears or loss of color in the treated zone, both disappear of spontaneous form in a reduced lapse of time. When the filling is within the zone, the doctor massages the zone manually to mold the product according to the needs of the patient. With a small infiltration of the product we see as the lost volume recovers, that is one of the aesthetic effects that the expression of the face ages more.

The result of the filling is of 1 year and its complete effect sees between the second and sixth month after the treatment (moment in which the greater point of collagen production is reached)
He is perfect to improve the face oval or mandibular line, to correct the nose without surgery or to emphasize the cheekbones and to eliminate the wrinkles.
The filling of Radiesse is combined perfectly withthe botulinum toxin infiltrationsand they allow us to reach a natural and rejuvenated aspect


After infiltrating the product the doctor comes to its molding to adapt them to the needs and anatomical characteristics of the patient and to fill up the wished zones. The effect of the treatment (according to studies realised by Merz Laboratories, producer of Radiesse) lasts approximately 12 months although it is possible to emphasize that many patients report maintained durations more in the time. In this sense we can say that the treatment is long play Rep at no permanent moment, to a great extent by the own biodegradable nature of the product.


Contraindicated if the patient presents some infection in the skin, autoimmune problems of coagulation, diseases, cutaneous colagenosis or atopies.We did not recommend to realise any treatment in pregnant patients or periods of lactation.