Increase of chest: It is necessary to change the prothesis?

Increase of chest: It is necessary to change the prothesis?

At presentit is not necessary to change you implant them mammary, unless these are broken. You implant them mammary they are of highest quality and they have guarantee of by life, but sometimes they are encapsulated or they are broken, reason why if that would be to change them.

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How be detected can the breakage of implants?When the zone of the chest has become hardened, there are irregularities or asymmetries. But, it is possible that it implants is broken and the aspect and the tact are not altered. In these cases, to detect the breakage an ecography or resonance is due to realise. In order to guarantee that everything is in sequence you must go to the revisions with the surgeon.
The breakage of one implants of chest is little habitual, considering the statistics, its incidence is very low (of 1%).

When realising a surgery as the increase of sines exists a risk that in Beauty & Co we dealed with we diminished with some measured and principles of security.However, we are you allow about which to our patients it worries to them to have to assume a reintervención in case outside necessary to realise it.

All the expenses of any reintervención derived from a complication (Consultation conditions in your clinic) during the first year.
All the expenses derived of a reintervención in case of breakage or encapsulamiento during the first year.
The cost of the prothesis in case reintervención by breakage or encapsulamiento during all the life.

Our interventions cover all the revisions free and the prothesis has guarantee of by life. It requests consultation and we will inform to you into everything of customized form. The price is 3.500€ more IVA.

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