Aumenton of chin with Radiesse

Aumenton of chin with Radiesse
The chin is a zone that can give much personality to the face and to be sexy, but when reserved being the profile stops being symmetrical and can make a vision of a more prominent nose or the shortest neck.
There are two solutions: prothesis fixed that is put in operating room or stuffed with reabsorvibles materials that are put of ambulatory form in 1 session. It is the case of Radiesse.

What is Radiesse?

Radieese is the solution to diminish the signs of the aging that pronounce as wrinkles in your face. One is a filling that is placed within the skin, in order to fall you fold them in the face face and wrinkles.

It is made up of a small part of hidroxiapatita that is mixed with a gel of very smooth carboximetilcelulosa, that in addition to helping to reduce the appearance you of the wrinkles also would stimulate your collagen production in the treated part, making shine it more young person and the best thing is than both components of the Radiesse are completely safe for the organism.
This substance is biocompatible since it is resembled components that the body produces naturally, is for that reason that when being used risks of allergic reactions do not exist.

Increase of chin with Radiesse

Radiesse, a calcium injection as it bases, can create nonsurgical changes of structure to the face characteristics. Once one becomes congestedunderneath the surface of the skin, it creates a scaffold that promotes the collagen synthesis. He is ideal as an injection for the remodeling of the chin.
The skin fillings are not permanent. Hard Radiesse around 12 to 18 months. The face muscles change with the age and the injections can assure that the form of the chin can be adapted to these modifications.
Another advantage associated with increase of nonsurgical chin, is that with skin fillings there is risk of infections or no migration.

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