More voluminous and sensual lips with Hyaluronic acid

More voluminous and sensual lips with Hyaluronic acid
The increase of lips with hyaluronic acid is one of the aesthetic treatments medical more asked for by the women. Every time they are more also the men than they resort to this treatment to improve the symmetry in its lips and to secure a deep hydration.
In Beauty & Co the natural lips enchant to us, an increase of subtle volume that is very sensual but nothing artificial.
  • It is realised with hyaluronic acid of first brands as Juvederm or Restylane.
  • He is painless because we put local anesthesia
  • It lasts of 6 to 8 months according to the patient
  • It increases to the volume and the projection of the lips
  • Projection of the Cupid arc
  • We secure well formed symmetry and
  • More substantial and hydrous lips

Side effects

One of the most common fears is some very ugly results that are seen where ugly forms or nodules form. This only happens with the permanent materials, that already rarely are used in the clinics, and we recommended to flee from them. The hyaluronic acid disappears with the months but it does not present problems of formation of nodules.

The habitual side effects are:

- Local inflammation
- Redness
- small hematomas

These symptoms disappear in some days and rarely the hyaluronic acid presents complications. The price by avenue is of 200€, and we used the brands of better quality in the market.