Point G is a small erogenous zone that is on the wall previous of the vagina, to about five centimeters of the exit of the urethra, that is very sensible to the sexual excitation. Infiltrating hyaluronic acid in this zone its size is increased, becomes more accessible and receptive and, therefore, the orgasms are more powerful.

How it is realised?

By means of local anesthesia and some small punctures, the product becomes congested on the wall previous of the vagina. Desirial is used.

That is Desirial?

It is a treatment of new appearance, unique in his sort until the moment, based on well-known Hyaluronic acid, but adapted specifically for the intimate zone of the woman. He is available in two gel formats developed to deal with an ample rank pathologies. He is in addition the only hyaluronic acid type approved by the EC for gynecological indications.

Why it serves exactly?

With Desirial one looks for to deal with the lack hydration, tonificación, elasticity and sensitivity in the feminine intimate area. Help to reduce the dryness of the mucosa and to fortify vaginal weaves, doing them more flexible. Vulvares at “morphologic” level can also correct imperfections, that is to say, seemingly and structures. In addition to these possible aesthetic corrections, it fights against the functional upheavals such as it atrophies vaginal of the lips majors.

As this treatment acts from the technical and medical point of view?

The injection of the antirust hyaluronic acid gel behaves as a sponge that re-hydrates, see-stimulates and recovers the activity normal of the organism to maintain in good operation of feminine genital weaves.

Manitol is a nonsynthetic antioxidant, that is in a great variety of plants. Widely it is used in the pharmaceutical industry and it has been gotten up in products as this preserving the physico-chemical hyaluronic acid functions. When a needle in the skin is inserted to administer the compound, usually it goes off the appearance of free radicals in the zone, detrimental for the own gel that is inserted. It contributes significantly to the protection and the result is a greater duration of the product in weaves.Manitol also is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts the water. Therefore, it also contributes to the capacity of DESIRIAL hydration

®. Considering that the capacities of water retention are very important to improve the trofismo of the mucosa, manitol is important for the effectiveness.

Another one of the active principles of this tratameinto is the Sorbitol, of hidratante action, that power the action of hyaluronic acid and contributes to conserve the humidity in the treated zone.


The duration of the treatment is of approximately 6 months, time as of which another injection is necessary.


To avoid at least to have sexual relations during both next days to the treatment.
LIST OF CREDITS Duration of the procedure
60 minutes Anesthesia
The topical premises and Hospitalization
No Recovery
2 hours Results

As of the 24 hours
First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor