The lips have been, are and will be always object of discussion, study and treatment within the Aesthetic Medicine. Fashions and tendencies separate, in BEAUTY&C0,we are in favor of the proportion, the naturalness, the symmetry and the good pleasure. Using Hyaluronic acid of different reticulaciones we secured a natural effect, without stridencies nor disproportions and always under the strict supervision of the patient. We can simply give to the lip the volume that we want or contributedeep hydration. The result: Substantial and tempting lips. That yes: We do not make monsters. Admás in BEAUTY&CO, we only used the best brands:Restylane, Belotero and Etermis

What is the hyaluronic acid?

It is a substance that is of natural form in our body to contribute hydration to the skin and to retain water. As it spends the time we are losing the amount of this substance and they appear the first wrinkles.
With this substance we can fill up wrinkles of the comisuras of the lips (arc of Cupid), to increase the volume of the lips and to give him to a more symmetrical profile and balance to the mouth.

How realised is the procedure?

According to the form of the lips and the mouth, the aesthetic medicine professional (he is recommendable to always do it in doctor-aesthetic clinics and not in aesthetic centers) will come to infiltrate with a small needle the necessary amount according to the results that the patient delay to obtain. He has been a little annoying but for fast form.
There will be a small inflammation in the first hours and days (not very visible) that stoops with cold in the zone. He is recommendable not to smoke in the following hours after making the treatment, using solar protection and to take much water so that the results last in the time.

What side effects have and how much hard?

It will depend on the body of the person, because this substance reabsorbe of natural form, but lasts about 6 months approximately.
It is possible that it needs an adjustment in the weeks following to the first infiltration once lowers the inflammation.
On the contrary that the old permanent substances that were used and created ugly forms over the years and the gravity, the hyaluronic acid reabsorbe and therefore does not appear these problems. It can present small oedemata, slight inflammation, bulks, rednesses or irritations that disappear in the first 48-72 hours. These adverse reactions usually disappear both completely to days.

Consultation of evaluation with the doctor
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Prescribed medicationgiven by the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor