The increase of chest is the surgery more demanded by the Spanish women, since with her the volume is increased and the appearance of the chests improves. This way the women feel safer and comfortable of themselves.
The passage of time, the gravity, lactation, changes in the weight anddiseases as the breast cancer, alters of inevitable form the size and the form of the breasts, being necessary to resort to aesthetic surgery to correct it.
The prothesis that we used in Beauty & Co has different forms according to the case from the patient, and is of cohesive gel approved by the EEC, with guarantee of by life and of the best international brands.

Patient What are candidates for one mamoplastia of increase?

All those women with chest small, asymmetric or with loss of volume and projection after a lactation or change of weight.

Of what the surgery consists?

Lasts approximately one hour, and usually is used general anesthesia, although according to the case it can be local or sedation.Following the case, the surgery will only consist of the introduction of implants, in order to realise an increase of chest or the combination of the same with the elevation of the breast or mastopexia.
The positioning generally is behind the muscle, since it allows lactation and to visualize the chest in mammographies correctly.
The result is a chest of natural appearance, lifted and of agreed size to the aesthetic taste of the patient. The recovery lasts approximately one week and is necessary to take a specific bra during a month.

Routes of positioning

Different forms exist to place the prothesis, but always it will depend on the case and characteristics of the chest of the patient:
  • Via peri to areolar: it leaves a scar disguised in you limit them dark of the areola and clear of the breast, thanks to the change of coloration the scar is disguised and independently to the being this very fine skin is very thanked for the healing. It is usedwhen there is an asymmetry or slight fall of the breasts since the incision takes advantageto raise to the complex areola nipple.
  • Submammary route: When the areola is too small to allow the implantation of certain sizes of prothesis, the scar remains in very discreet the submammary furrow and therefore, since it is hidden by the own fall of the breast.
  • Axillary route and abdominal route: The axillary route leaves to a scar of about 4 cm in the armpit. The abdominal route is realised when in the course of the same operation we practiced an abdominoplasty.

Types of prothesis

The different types from prothesis allow us to deal with each case form personal and individualized and thus to obtain the result waited for by each patient:
  1. Round: He gives to a rounder aspect to the chest and help to secure pronounce decolletes.
  2. Anatomical: It has tear form and therefore the result is more natural.
Our prothesis is, approved by FDAand offers the maximum security and durability. They fulfill the sanitary but demanding norms and have been approved by the North American and European organisms.
Our expert surgeons will give in writing to the operating conditions pre and post you to guarantee the best recovery after the operation. A constant pursuit will be made to guarantee a perfect result.

Post-operative recommendations

After the operation, 4 days are only needed to return to take a totally normal life. In addition, spent the first 48 hours, the patient will be able to be gone to house with the only preoccupation to take a simple bandage. Between the precautions that are due to have after the operation they emphasize:
One is due to avoid to wet the chests while the bandage is had. For the daily hygiene it will be enough with a shower with lukewarm water to smoothly wash to the wounds with water and soap.
It is important that the rest is realised with the slightly high head, avoiding lateral positions.
One is due to avoid to raise heavy objects or to realise a physical exercise, very powerful
It is necessary to avoid any type of collision or strong blow in the chest. One is due to prevent to exhibit the chests to the sun or sources of heat during the first six weeks.

Duration of the procedure 90 minutes
Anesthesia The premises with sedation or general
Hospitalization No
Recovery 1 week
Results Immediate

First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor

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