Techniques to correct the mammary asymmetry

Techniques to correct the mammary asymmetry

What is the mammary asymmetry?

Notes that one of your chests is greater or has more falling than the other? Calm, you are not rare, most of the women present chests with size differences.

The perfect symmetry does not exist in the human proportions. If we became a photography of membership card, we took left half and we would exactly reproduce it in the right side, the result would be a face new, distorted and quite different from the real one. The same happens with the breasts.

This peculiarity usually does not suppose a problem; generally,it only is showy in a 15% of the cases. The surgery the only safe and definitive solution to correct the variations between a sine and another one. There are other treatments with reabsorvibles fillings but months last between 6-8.

After mammary desire to increase the volume by means of prothesis what one hides, in an important majority of cases, it is desire to enda defectthat can decrease the feminine self-esteemfrom the puberty. In this stage of previous physical and personal development to the adolescence when the mammary asymmetry, if it is very evident, can become a complex difficult to surpass without the help of a professional. “

To correct the differences between a sine and another one permanently would require the use of the bistoury, since the breasts are a part of the anatomy in which the product infiltrations are not advisable empelados in aesthetic medicine.

Nevertheless, before being put under an operation of these characteristics, it is important that the patient considers with total sincerity which is its real motivation and what it hopes to obtain from the plastic surgery. The plastic surgery can produce as much physical changes as changes in the perception that one has of itself and in the self-esteem. The plastic surgery is thought to produce changes in you, not in the others. “If you are thinking about being put under an intervention to try to influence in one third person, she can finish disappointed” notice surgeons from the Secpre.

Techniques to correct the mammary asymmetry in Beauty & CO

It is very important to know thateach case is different.The majority of times is solved with the implantation of prothesis. In others, the patient will require a more complex surgery of the mammary gland, and another times, a reduction or elevation of its chest is corrected with. Next, we detailed the most frequent techniques to you:
  1. Correction of the asymmetry withprothesis.In order to obtain the proportionality in the sines they are placed you implant mammary. The medical equipment will try that the volume is not different in each chest, since the evolution of the breasts with time will be different. It is always implanted to both chests.
  2. Reduction chest or mastopexia.By means of the surgery the size of a chest is reduced with the purpose of to equal it with the other. Although most frequent, it is to combinethe techniqueof increase of chest with the one of reduction. Some patients need in additiona surgeryto elevation.
  3. Fat graft.In order to increase the volume and to correct the irregularities of the chest the fat of the own patient is used. In order to obtain a liposuction is realised them. Good results are obtained and there is no rejection on the part of the patient. Although it is not possible to be realised all the patients, because a surplus needs fat.