Aqualyx, the lipoescultura without bistoury in Madrid

Aqualyx, the lipoescultura without bistoury in Madrid
How it is realised?

The intralipoterapia technique: an onlypuncture is realised by means of a very fine needle and in the fatty weave to infiltrate the product in the zone to try, so that the adipocito is liquefied so that the lipids are eliminated naturally by our lymphatic system.

Duration of the treatment

The procedure lasts about 30 minutes, and the results are visible from the first session, once it lowers the inflammation that lasts approximately one week.

Doctor Rafik Dehni will evaluate the number of sessions necessary to secure the wished result. He recommends himself to use a strip or stockings of compression during the first days.

Adverse reactions

It is possible that they appear small superficial hematomas or heritema cutaneous of slight to moderate. Also inflammation and slight pain in the treated zone. These effects disappear completely to the few days.

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