The chin is one of the most attractive parts of the masculine face. With our treatment Pretty Jaw we can harness your mandibular arc so that it acquires force and it is well-defined. A prominent mandibular angle is a sign of masculinity admired in our society.It is not necessary to happen through operating room and results are obtained from the first session with reabsorvibles materials as Radiesse.

The zone ofthe chinor chin can mark to much the face of a person. Mainly in the profile view, a small and dissuaded chin not only will offer a inestética vision but also that proportionally could cause that the nose seemed more prominent. Also the zone of the neck is shortened since they are people who usually complain to have a neck in the part of the too short double chin.

Aside from using prothesis,we can be able to increase the chinwithout needing happening through the operating room. By means of the use ofhyaluronic acid infiltrationsof high reticulaciónor Radiessewe can obtain in a single session really surprising results. The procedure can be realised in the consultation, he is practically painless and it allows to get up itself on the following day to the work and the social life. When being materials reabsorvivles will reabsorberán past a time with a duration of the results of approximately18 months. Later it will be necessary to alter to return to leave it perfect.

The advantage of this procedure is that it is easier, economic and it is not necessary to happen through operating room (anesthesia, post-operative, etc.). On the contraryit will not be for always and it will have to repeat itself periodically ifit wants to maintain the result.

Duration of the procedure 20 minutes
Anesthesia The premises, anesthetic cream
Hospitalization No
Recovery 48 hours
Results 1 week
First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor