Foods that rejuvenate your skin

Foods that rejuvenate your skin

The hormonal dehydration, variations, the free stress, sun and radicals cause that the skinloseselasticity and density.

With the years, the organism reduces to the productionhyaluronic acid(natural substance that produces the humanbody). The hyaluronic acid hydrates weaves, contributing firmness, elasticity and reconstructs the fibers that hold weavesof the skin.

In order to maintain the young skin, in addition to a good ritual of beauty it is necessary to adopta diet heals and balanced. To include foods with proteins of high biological value (fished, eggs and meat) and antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) to fight the free radicals that oxidize and age the skin.

The citruses: they own fiber and antioxidants that prevent the aging with the skin giving him vitality. The mineral orangecontains vitaminC and (magnesium, calcium iron and potassium). The lemon has a high acid content (citric, málico, acetic and formic) elements that increase the effect antiaging of the C.La vitaminvitamin Cfavors the collagen production. A very abundant molecule in the body. With the years, its production is reduced. This generates an aging and loss of flexibility of the weaves that contain collagen. To include these fruits in the diet helps to prevent the passage with the years.

Chocolate:A sweet whim to which few can be resisted. But they are not worth all. Its composition, must be ofa 60% of cacao as minimum.The chocolate has an antirust power that improves the health, at external and internal level. To eat a pair of waves to the day they can help us to resist: the aging, the fatigue and other upheavals that influence of direct form in the aspect of the skin.

The salmon: it is a fatty acid sourceOmega. The blue fish improves the humidity levels of the skin and prevents the dryness. When nourished being more, the lines of expressionare smoothed. Of 2 to 3 times to the week it must consume so that the results are appraised. To eat fish does that the skin is smoother and polishes, because contains copper, that helps to increase the elastin of the skin.

Olive oil: “Liquid gold” or “cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet”, two denominations that are used to present the olive oil. The oliveis source of acid alpha-linolenico, (fatty acids Omega 3) an element that maintainsthe hydrous skin, signs and toned. A good feeding is determining in the aspect of the skin. Add them in your diet, and you will secure better the aspect of

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