It thins those kilos of the summer without passing hunger in 5 steps

It thins those kilos of the summer without passing hunger in 5 steps
The excesses of the summer are reflected in an increase of 2-3 kilos, and although there are people who are able to maintain their weight, others raise up to 5 kilos. To lose them is going to suppose minimum a month, since our body retains fat of form faster than it eliminates it,because it has some mechanisms that help him to save energy. The organism stores to fat (defence mechanism) and in case a deficit takes place, it resorts to the reserve. When the ingestion of calories is reduced, the body resorts to these reserves to guarantee that everything works.

In Beauty & CO we are expert in coaching nutritional, that consists of reorganizing those bad nutritional habits to be able to accustom us to a good nutritional routine and to avoid the effect bounces of the diets.

5 steps to lose the kilos of the summer

1. You do not skip meals: When stopping feeding the only thing to us that we are going to obtain is the opposite effect, because the body begins to accumulate fats faster as deposit. The adapted thing is to realise several meals, of that way the “picoteos” are avoided and that in the following food, comma more of the necessary thing when arriving with hunger.

2. Sport of constant form practices: Or gymnasium, running or the physical activity that the more adapt to your pleasures. It requests a table of exercises adapted to your objective to lose weight or to tone. In order to reach your objective, you must realise 30 minutes of sport to the day.

3. Not to completely eliminate the fat of the diet: All the fats are not bad, because with monoinsaturate fats and the polinsaturadas ones they help us to balance the fat level in the body. It is important, that in our diet rich fatty acid foods are included as the Omega-3 or Omega-6 (vegetal oils, blue fish, molluscs or crustaceans)

4. To drink water in abundance: In order to favor the toxin elimination it is necessary to drink between 1 ' 5 and 2 liters to the day. You can complement with diuretics to help to eliminate liquids of more effective form.

5. It organizes your plan: A small weekly plan with the meals and dinners elaborates. If you eat at work, it prepares your plates the previous day, that way you will avoid the temptation to eat less healthy things. When eating and having dinner outside it is more difficult to avoid the temptations, for that reason it is necessary to previously plan the meals of the week.