The best solution to secure the effect of flat belly. The abdominoplasty is a surgical treatment that the fat eliminates and the skin that is accumulated in the abdomen. At the same time tense the muscles of the abdominal wall, generating the results wished from the first moment.

The abdomen is one of the parts of the body where the fat is accumulated more, causing that we do not obtain the figure that we would wish. In addition situations as the childbirth, the age, bad feeding, genetics or abrupt changes of weight, cause thatthe abdomen loses the muscular toneand major is observed fat flaccidity and accumulation.The abdominoplasty is a solution that offersthe surgery estéticapara to correct these problemsand to obtain therefore an abdomen that shines as we would like, of this form, we can happen through operating room to obtain or reclaim a flat belly after giving light simply or, if we are not happy with our abdominal zone.

Who is the ideal candidate?
  • Patients with a moderate overweight, who wish to eliminate the fat layer that covers its abdomen to obtain a slim and aesthetic figure but and to secure an optimal result.
  • Women who after the pregnancyare lost the muscular tone in the abdomen or that after several childbirths, its abdominal zone is expanded and does not shine aesthetically as it would like, finding in the abdominoplasty a fast and trustworthy solution to obtain the wished belly.The women who wish to be put under this operation because of the effects of a childbirth, must know clearly that they are not going to give light again, because of being therefore the operation she would have been in vain and she would become to the previous state.
  • People who are lost much weight and who have colgajos leather.

How she is realised?

Normally general anesthesia is used that maintains the sleepy patient while the doctor takes to end the operation, although will be doctor the one that decides if in tactical missions local anesthesia or sedation becomes by means of. The doctor realises an incision in the low part of the abdomen and stretches the skin until it is smooth. The leftover is eliminated and it comes itself to stitch.
In a few days you will be able to take normal life. It is not a solution for obese patients, to who other options will be recommended to them.

Whereas the duration of an abdominoplasty oscillates between the 2 hour and a half and the 4 hours, an mini-abdominoplasty can be realised enters 1-2 hours, it will depend on the morphology of the patient and the amount of stored fat, or if the zone will be also the cartridge holders for example, among others factors.

One of subjects that more fear gives the people of the abdominoplasty, not are intervention in if, but scar that is,is fact that exists a scar, that with time will be taking a less showy aspect, but never will get to disappear. Although the intervention is realised in a zone that usually is covered with the intimate clothes or a bathing suit, doing it thus practically invisible to eyes of the others.

Post-operative recovery and

The average period in the clinic varies much, as or we have indicated the mini-abdominoplasty, can entail that the patient as a rule is in the clinic 1 day, whereas if is a larger abdominoplasty, will not receive high until pasts the 2 or 3 days, and after the personnel of the clinic therefore considers it opportune.

Indications from the surgeon will be received to know how to change the bandage correctly, and how to take the day to day, it is recommended to realise exercise of low intensity as soon as it is possible, to walk is recommended.

With respect to the return to the working life and to do intense exercises, the time he will vary enormously from a patient to another one, for example, a patient will not be equal who had important abdominal muscles, that other that so do not own a toned abdomen, just as each body she tolerates the intervention of a form and simply some people heal before others. The average one speaks of some periods to us that oscillate betweenthe 15 days and the month.


Duration of the procedure 3 to 4 hours
Anesthesia General or Sedation
Hospitalization 1 day
Recovery 10 to 15 days
Results Immediate

First consultation of evaluation with the doctor
Application of the treatment
Prescribed medication givenby the doctor
Periodic consultations with the doctor
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