5 Truths and lies on the cellulitis

5 Truths and lies on the cellulitis
The corporal image has a direct hit in the self-esteem of the people, since our image influences in the perception that the others have of us, and on many occasions the works are based on the image and the body (models, instructors of fitness etc).
In order to fight the cellulitis first it isto know how the cause that causes it. It is not an only factor, but an accumulation of several:

• Hormonal alterations(of natural form or by the medecine consumption as corticoids and contraceptives)
• Bad feeding (food abuse with excess of sugar and fat).
• The bad circulation.
• The sedentary life
•The retention of liquids.To drink water, is a good weapon to prevent its appearance since it helps to eliminate the excess of toxins.
•The hereditary factor: the people who have relatives with cellulitis antecedents have a predisposition to suffer it.

Lies and truths on the cellulitis

1.Sobrepeso=celulitis FALSE

The belief that exists the delegated people do not have cellulitis. This is not certain. It weighs, to that the excess of weight is one of the factors that its appearance favors, is not the unique one. A person can has an optimal weight, but to have bad circulation. The people with bad circulation have tendency to retain liquids and have difficulties to eliminate the toxins that favor the appearance of the orange skin.

2. To wear fit clothes favors the cellulitis appearance: TRUE

The fit articles exert a constant pressure on the body that makes difficult the circulation of the blood. The footwear very does not have to be tightened, because with the heat the feet and the ankles dilate and they are swollen, an excess of pressure in this zone makes difficult to the circulation and the retention of liquids.

3. To lose weight helps to eliminate cellulitis: TRUE AND FALSE

To eliminate of the diet the food consumption certain can prevent the appearance, but with a diet the cellulitis cannot be eliminated. There are women who even lose several sizes, but have the same cellulitis. In order to end her, it is needed to combinethe doctor-aesthetic treatments with sport.

4. The men do not have cellulitis: FALSE

He is not habitual, but some men yes have cellulitis(Around 10%, he takes place because these men have a higher estrogen agreement). The estrogens (feminine hormones) are the people in charge of which the women have predisposition to accumulate water and to retain fat.

5. Salt and the sugar favor their appearance: TRUE

These condiments that give flavor to the life and to foods, can favor the appearance of the cellulitis. The excess of salt contributes to the retention of liquids and favors its appearance. Abuse of foods with sugar causes reaction in metabolism (glicación) that causes that the skin loses elasticity and firmness, and appears the timid cellulitis.