10 benefits of the green tea

10 benefits of the green tea

1. It could help to prevent the cancer

Several studies have demonstrated that the green tea has important properties that turn out promising as method to diminish the risk of developing different types from cancers.

In an investigation realised by the McGill University in Montreal (Canada), one was thatthe antioxidantscontained in this tea could help to diminish the risk of suffering cancer of prostate. In another analysis a diminution of risk until of 18% suffering cancer of lung was observed.

Other Chinese investigationshave related the green tea consumption to the diminution of risk of developing stomach, pancreatic, esofágico cancer, of rectocolonic prostate and.

2. He is rich in antioxidants

The antioxidants are some chemical compoundthat is in charge to fight other molecules as it is the case of the free radicals.The green tea is a rich antioxidant source and, thanks to this, it is an ally to prevent chronic diseases, as well as problems of premature aging of the skin.

Therefore it is the tea of the beauty, since it delays the aging of the skin.

3. Healthful and purifying for the liver

The liveris the responsible organ to filter the toxins that are accumulated in the sanguineous torrent and which they can affect the health. Nevertheless,the excess of toxins can affect its health and prevent its correct operation.

A cup of green tea to the day could be the impulse to purify the liver and to make sure suitably that this one working. The regular green tea consumption help to prevent the damages caused by toxic substances as the alcohol and prevents the inflammation.

4. Healthful for our heart

Their high antioxidant content turns it into an ally to regulate the bad cholesterol levelsin the bloodand to prevent that this it settles in the blood vessels.

Thanks to this, it is considered thatthe regular green tea consumption can diminish the cardiac risksand other problems related to the cardiovascular health.

5. It stimulates the metabolism and he is slimming

Scientifically it is verified thatthe green tea consumption help to prevent and to reduce the excess of corporal weight. In an investigation one determined that the power of fat oxidation of the green tea had helpedthe participants to lower of weight in a period of three months.

In addition, also it was determined that it helps to activate the metabolism,it improves the capacity to burn calories and acts as a cardioprotector.
Therefore to include it in a healthful diet is a good ally to lower before of weight.

6. Prevention of the diabetes

The properties of this tea could help to control the sugar levels in the bloodto prevent the diabetes. In recent investigations it was demonstrated that the green tea can help to prevent the development with the diabetes type 1, in addition to controlling the diabetes type 2.

7. Support of the digestive system

The green tea has a slight laxativeeffectthatcan help to prevent and to fight the constipation, in addition to having properties to reduce gases, the abdominal swelling and other digestive problems. The result, a flatter belly.

8. It improves the health of our set of teeth

Inthe Chinese traditional medicinethe green tea as a dental protector has been used, able to prevent buccal infections, in addition to helping to control the evil problemsbreath.

9. It fortifies the immune system

Their high content of antioxidants added to vitamins and minerals causes that this tea isone of the best natural allies of the immune system.

The properties of the green tea have demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of different types from infections, in addition tocommon respiratoryproblems as the influenza and the cold.

10. Prevention of arthritis

Several investigations have determined that the green tea has a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action thatcould be very useful in the treatment of reumatoide arthritisand other types of inflammatory diseases.

The consumption of this tea could help to stop the inflammatory answer,like the rupture of cartilage in people who suffer this type of diseases.